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Crane retrofitting and modernisation

We customize every crane. You define the limit.

Do you want to increase speed or hoisting capacity of your crane? Do you want to improve ergonomics and handling comfort? Do you want new safety functions? Or do you simply want to exchange maintenance-intensive or outdated components for more modern technology? Often existing facilities can be adapted to your new requirements by retrofitting or modernisation. This increases efficiency, saves money and above all it also saves time. We are happy to advise you.

Modernising a crane is normally significantly less expensive than purchasing a new one. Whether or not a crane retrofitting is worth the investment depends on your requests and the situation on-site. Increasing performance or adapting the crane to modified processes - in many cases cranes can be modernised and be brought in line with current high-tech standards. Here are some examples for crane retrofitting:

  • Extending the jibs of jib cranes
  • Extending the pillars of pillar jib cranes
  • Increasing lifting capacity of crane girders and runways
  • Relocation of cranes
  • Upgrading of electronic components such as load master, overload protection devices, bypass controls, automation of process steps etc. 
  • Adaptation of spans etc.

With the right measures we create a new, fully integrated system which is customized to the needs of your company.

Often a crane does not comply with the desired requirements anymore due to a new directive. A crane modernisation brings your system up-to-date. Wear parts are replaced at an early point in time, potential damages are detected in time, risks for downtimes are minimised – you can count on us.

We evaluate the whole structure and geometry of the crane system as well as the condition of the mechanical and electrical components. In addition, we examine the load and operating requirements as well as the maintenance documents. After having analysed all the factors and having made a comparison with the performance requirements, we determine the most suitable system upgrade and draw up a modernisation plan.

We are one of the leading companies in the field of crane development and planning. Our experts have comprehensive experience in crane modernisations. In the case of a more cost-saving crane retrofitting we always advise to use the existing means, of course with the same guarantee. We also repair cranes from other manufacturers.